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National Library of Latvia

Mukusalas str. 3, Riga, LV-1423, Latvia
Tel.: +371 67806100




In Latvian folklore, a crystal mountain symbolizes the height of achievement – something not easily attainable but full of rewards for those who make the commitment to reach its peak.


– National Library of Latvia






You can plan your travel using Google maps or consult Rīgas Satiksme route schedule. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get around town is by using the convenient taxi app Taxify. Btw, that’s the favourite transportation way for TechChill team.



From Riga International Airport

Upon landing, if you choose to use public transportation, then visit one of the terminal kiosks inside the airport to purchase a bus ticket. Then leave the terminal and head towards the bus stop across the parking lot. Take the bus nb. 22 (with the destination ‘Abrenes iela’) and get out at the stop called ‘Nacionālā bibliotēka’. See Google Maps route here.


From Riga International Coach Terminal

There are a multitude of public transportation options to choose from if you’re arriving to the coach station. After exiting through the main entrance and purchasing a transportation ticket (valid for all types of transit) at one of the kiosks, take the underground passageway to the opposite side of the main street to the bus stop titled ’13. janvāra iela’.

You’ll need the busses heading towards the river (bn. 23, 26, 27) and towards the nice looking building on the other side of it. From there on, make sure that the bus you’re taking stops at the ‘Nacionālā bibliotēka’ stop and you’re all set. See a Google Maps route here.