Fighting for talent: how cities, countries and ecosystems compete

Drivers of Innovation: How to Empower Disruption
2/21/19, 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM (EET)
Superhero stage

Talent is the key for innovation not just in companies, but also cities and ecosystems that strive to compete in the current race of innovation. What are the key factors that motivate talent to stay - or relocate? Experts representing vastly different ecosystems in Europe will discuss the competition for talent as the most valuable asset, and the importance of different aspects such as available funding, known brands, quality and cost of living. The panellists will analyze the current competition in placemaking and branding as great places to build companies, how it’s influenced by politics and policies, what do we need from policymakers, and what are the risks associated with losing the race - and facing brain drain.