Founder's Dilemma: Relinquishing the CEO title

Tech-Life Balance
2/21/19, 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM (EET)
Superhero stage

There is an expectation in the startup community that Founder CEOs are the best option for your company to be successful. You’re expected to cover all business aspects: from managing people to finances, operations, customer relationships and more. And as a founder, you’re undeniably attached to the company you have started -- so, assuming the CEO role seems like the natural thing to do.

However, leadership is all about growth and seeing opportunities where others see challenges. Which is why I’ve recently made the decision to transition from my CEO position and keep my focus on my original passion. In this session, I will share my:

  • Challenges and takeaways as Founder-CEO
  • Experience hiring a new CEO
  • Insights transitioning into another role