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A look beneath the web3

Crypto, NFT, DeFi, web3, Metaverse. Relatively new technologies that have become hot very fast. TechChill won’t leave them out of the agenda, so here is what we will talk about them.

Main partner of this topic is company Gravity Team. They are on the mission to balance the supply and demand across crypto markets worldwide. Gravity Team is a crypto-native market maker founded by traders, developers, and innovators who are strong believers and supporters of the future of decentralization and digital assets. By the way, TechChill’s Meta party is powered by Gravity and they also support Fifty Founders Battle on the way to success.

We are expecting super interesting story from airBaltic. In 2014 the company announced that it has become the first to accept bitcoins for ticket purchases. Now it has become the world’s first airline to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs). airBaltic is getting ready to launch a new collection of 10,000 NFTs called Planies in May 2022. CEO of the company Martin Gauss will be the guest and will share the experience of airBaltic using the newest technologies.

One more local story will be from Arturs Kirtovskis who is the co-founder of the company Sigle. Te company successfully raised 500 000 eur via NFT. “I think that the best explanation of web3 is the internet that belongs to users and not tech companies. If existing web infrastructures are oriented toward creating profit for tech companies then web3 is going to be all about users and their ability to generate profit for themselves. It is not a utopia anymore. It is reality. And NFT is part of this reality. I’ll share our story in TechChill on how we raised money through NFT and how this model is different from other traditional investment models.”

For those not so familiar with the web3 concept the representative of the French Tech Journal Chris O’Brien and the Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Player Me Timmu Tõke will help to look beneath the surface of it.

See you on the Meta stage by Gravity Team.

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