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Day Two: Human Side of Tech on Highway Stage

Day One: The Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship


The tech and innovation conference TechChill will have a lot to offer, and not just for startups. On Day 1 of the agenda, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region as well as global experts in their field will offer some great advice on building a successful business. Step by step we will go through the topics that are in the core of the successful business, giving a unique perspective.


Block #1

Starting-up Strong: Success stories begin with strong foundations


The basics of business is where everything starts, but how to get a leg up on the competition? Our speakers will give you that extra knowledge to get ahead of the crowd and start strong.


With just the right topic to open Day 1, Benjamin Costantini, the founder of Startup Sesame alliance of tech events and frequent visitor himself, will talk about “How to hack tech conferences”. He’ll give straight advice on to stand out among the crowd and make the most of your money and time, especially when you’re just starting out.


The experienced Yael Elad, the CFO of Israeli fund Aleph VC will lead on the topic of other crucial skill needed for all entrepreneurs looking to make their mark – negotiation. Her talk on “Negotiation process: taking control” will serve to dispell myths and obtain practical tools for better negotiation skills.


And in the end – how do you find the right way? The stories that we often hear about the most accomplished entrepreneurs sound so effortless. But truth to be told, imperfection is a part of any process and of life, yet for some reason we live in a culture that has a fear of failure. Armands Broks, the CEO & Founder of the TWINO Group and Jevgenijs Kazanins, Lead of the TWINO P2P Platform will both share their individual stories of failure and success when starting their businesses, and how it brought them to TWINO. Panel discussion “Synergy of Failure and Success” will be moderated by the awesome Tarmo Virki, editor of CoFounder Magazine.



Block #2

Growing a Thicker Skin: The challenges of development, scaling and growth


On the road to success it is of course important to stay on top of the trends, but then you cannot forget to execute a sales effort. Fill Guijarro in his keynote “Best practices in B2B sales for startups” will cover three basics that will empower you to start up a B2B, consultative sales effort at your own company – HABITS (what to expect and what not to expect from a sales team), PROCESSES (how to participate in and direct a sales team), TOOLS  (what assets should be in place before you hire).


As next one Mark Lamik in his story “One-size-fits-all product management … NOT” will point out key learnings from his journey at Zalando from Startu-up to Grown-up. Managing your product right is key for every internet company, but there is no one-size-fits-all here. So how not to get lost in so many different types of products, different company sizes and settings?


Lauren Proctor from Jobbatical is sure that brand can be made irresistible with the data and human desire. Lauren will outline the forces that help people create evolutionary and revolutionary change, so attendees will walk away with their own formula for tapping into analytics and online tools to position their brand for success.  


Last but not least in this block – Hampus Jakobsson (Nordic Makers) will give an answers to still uprising questions – what drives different angel investors, why doesn’t one invest and how to prepare for angel investment? Answers to those will probably clear it all up for many of you and give more clear view on the next to-do’s.


Block #3

Creating a Culture: Building a community for Innovation


After you’ve started, succeeded, and grown – what comes next? The community! Both the culture within your company, and the benefits of the community around us. And in the end – how can we give back and why should we?


After defining your company size, product type, setting up sales processes in an effective way and finding the right way to sell yourself to the investors – don’t forget about the matter of team! Getting your startup culture right will allow you to recruit and retain an all-star team. David Bizer from Talent Fountain has spent years recruiting talent at Google, Netscape and more, and he’ll give a practical advice on doing just that.


Meanwhile Nurit Reder from Wix will focus on a more wider approach to organizational culture and how it reflects on your business. Her keynote on “Friendship, data and transparency, how does it all connect to one organizational culture?” will look at how these stories have intertwined in the case study of Wix and how they’ve leveraged this strenghth to benefit their brand.


Asia Lindsay will share look at “The Tangible Benefits of Community”. AirBnB, Google, Twitter, Kickstarter – besides wild success, those companies have a common focus on community. Community increases loyalty, creates love for your brand, raises your corporate profile, and tangibly affects your bottom line. However, its importance is often overlooked. How and why? You’ll find out!


We’ll close up Day 1 with a panel discussion on “Start small, grow big, give back: How to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and what is the real value of a startup community in creating success stories?”. The panel will host some experienced and successful entrepreneurs, who have invested a lot of time and effort to build up not just their own business, but help others rise and grow the startup communities around them. The panel is moderated by Till Ohrmann from Pirate Global, who has created one of the most legendary startup gatherings in Europe – the epic Pirate Summit. He will interview Stefan Gantchev (LauncHub Ventures), who is also the godfather of Bulgarian startup ecosystem, Samer Karam, who hosts the biggest startup festival in the Middle East BDLAccelerate, and Martin Villig, Co-Founder of successful ridesharing app Taxify, and also the founder of Garage48 and the original member of #estonianmafia.


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