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Day Two: The Human Side of Tech on Underground Stage

While the Highway stage will be dissecting Tech That Works, the Underground stage attendees will dive deep into the industry headfirst. As for begining we will focus on trending industries, such as VR & hardware.


Block #1

Trending Industries: Virtual case studies in VR & hardware


Airdog’s CEO and founder Edgars Rozentals will be the first to share his case study about Airdog – a drone that serves as loyal action sports cameraman, making capturing adventures flawless and effortless.


As next ones Ilmars Osmanis , CEO at HansaMatrix, Maciej Frankowicz, COO & Venture Partner at Arkley and Edgars Rozentals, CEO and founder of Airdog will meet at panel moderated by Aleksander Tõnnissonto, co-founder & CEO at Buildit Hardware Accelerator to discuss the challenges faced while developing UI, UX for hardware products.


Vividly will take us all on virtual reality world – an inside startup story shared by Gunita Kulikovska, founder and CEO of Vividly, later joining the panel on a similar topic of virtual disruption with Kei Shimada, moderated by Mike Reiner as well. Day before on February 9 after the TechChill sessions everyone is welcomed to register for the AR/VR Meetup organized by Vivildy and that will take place in IT Demo Center located right on the venue.


As last one in this block – Mike Reiner, co-founder of, Kei Shimada, Global Director of Innovation Dentsu and Gunita Kulikovska, founder and CEO of Vividly will meet to discuss virtual disruption in panel moderated by Dmitri Sarle, CEO at ArcticStartup.  


Block #2

Diving in Technology What the future holds: blockchain, fintech & artificial intelligence


Underground’s Block#2 is all about shaping tomorrow. Antons Mislēvičs, Senior Consultant at Microsoft will open a topic on the future of Machine Learning – what is already achieved today, what are recent developments, where scientists see the future and what are they working on.


We will continue with focusing on blockchain technology. It is not clear yet if blockchains represent a fundamental shift in how trust is distributed in markets, or if it will be just another technology used by incumbents to strengthen their position – more about it we will hear from Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Partner at IBM Ventures in his speech “Blockchain Technology – Sustaining or Disruptive Innovation”.


SolarisBank’s Head of Marketing, Junayd Mahmood will conclude this block with his take on human-centered banking, presenting industry examples on how this trend towards „taking banking out of the banks“ is developing and benefits for all consumers.



Block #3

Launchpad for success: Getting off the ground


Underground’s Block#3 will dive right into an “Investor panel” about what startups need to know in their early stage term sheets and investment conditions, do’s and don’ts, what to take into consideration, regarding follow ups and further rounds. Moderated by Cristobal Alonso, the panel will feature Marcin Szelag, Partner at Innovation Nest, Indriķis Liepa, Partner at COBALT, Valter Võhma, Partner and Attorney-at-Law at Hedman Partners Law Firm and Franz Salzmann, Partner at Speedinvest. Afterwards, designer & CEO Sandijs Ruluks will talk about “Anatomy of Design for Startups”, followed by WIG’s founder and designer Dāvis Vilcāns, who will elaborate on the topic of visual identity and why it is paramount that established companies and start-ups alike think of it since day 1.


Afterwards on Highway Stage

As for closure of the Day 2 we suggest moving upstairs to the Highway Stage to see the Pitch Battle finals, where 5 best teams selected by the jury out of the 10 finalists of Startup Wise Guys Pitch Academy on Day 1 will present their startups in front of 1000 attendees, competing for the main prize – paid trip to Silicon Valley. Afterwards for the first time in Latvia Startup Europe Awards 2016, will discover and reward the best startups in European startup ecosystem today – those who have been extremely successful promoting Latvian startups by being innovative and competitive during 2016. Startup Europe Awards 2016 have been promoted by the European Commission, Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament and it is implemented by Finnova in collaboration with StartUp Europe. In Latvia Startup Europe Awards are organized in cooperation of Latvian Startup association, Latvian Public Relations Association (LASAP), TechHub Riga and TechChill.   


Plan for the evening

In the evening at 8pm everyone is welcome to join TechChill Afterparty at K.K.fon Stricka Villa. This year party will feature legendary DJ and photographer Dan Taylor, parody rap band Singapūras Satīns and traditional outdoor sauna by our friends Startup Sauna. Make sure not to miss it and mark yourself *Going*.