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Round of applause to the Fifty Founders Battle semi-finalists

It's time to give a thunderous round of applause to the Fifty Founders Battle semi-finalists! This year's competition was truly global with over 250 applications from 30+ countries, making it a challenge to choose the best of the best. However, with the help of eagle-eyed investors who have a soft spot for drive and determination, the field has been narrowed down to 50 dedicated teams.

We extend our kudos to the jury who had the tough job of selecting the semi-finalists for this year's TechChill stage.

Arta Beitāne (Buildit Accelerator), Sandra Golbreich (Baltic Sandbox Ventures), Dominykas Stankevicius (Taiwania Capital), Veera Pietikäinen (Voima Ventures), Linda Võeras (Karma Ventures), Federico Fini (Karma Ventures), Greta Monstavice (Katalista Ventures), Vilius Kateiva (Practica Capital), Andra Bagdonaite (FIRSTPICK), Jokūbas Vaičiulis (FIRSTPICK), Zane Kampa (Change Ventures), Kateryna Kovalenko (Depo Ventures), Darya Yanovich (Depo Ventures), Kaan Eren (500 Emerging Europe), Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė (Katalista Ventures), Topi Laakso (Finnish Business Angels Network), Jakub Vizvari (AI Startup Incubator), Arvydas Plėta (Katalista Ventures), Matiss Neimanis (Buildit Accelerator), Greta Glebaviciute (Katalista Ventures), Andrea T. Orlando, Ernests Stals. These teams have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and tenacity, and we can't wait to see their pitches in action. TOP 50 semi-finalists in alphabetic order: Abillio (Latvia)

Adventum Tech (Latvia)

Ama Care (United States)

BES TEST (Italy)

Bilance (Estonia)

BirgerMind (Latvia)

Bitskout (Estonia)

Boop (Lithuania)

BrachyDOSE (Lithuania)

Bruntor (Latvia)

CenterMe (United States)

Codigy (Lithuania)

Cubed (Latvia)

Fainin (Germany)

Fryda (Sweden)

GeoBeholder (Estonia)

Green-Growth (Latvia)

Hotelbuddy (Estonia)

Huntli (Latvia)

Lendorse (Germany)

Luna Energy (Lithuania)

mathos (Lithuania)

Medon (Latvia)

Nelinor (Finland)

Ofofo (United States)

OG Sense (Latvia)

Overly (Latvia)

Peero (Latvia)

ReLearn (Italy)

Remostart (Nigeria)

Salesforge (Lithuania)

Savables (Romania)

Self (Denmark)

Sepsiscan (Latvia)

SIA Qrunch (Latvia)

Sign on Tab (Lithuania)

SimpleCharge (Latvia)

Sisko (Finland)

SOVN (Netherlands)

SpoCaBoo (Latvia)

Sqrino (Latvia)

TerraWaste (Netherlands)

UPLYFT (United Kingdom)

Uvodo (United States)

Yeastime (Italy)

zenoo (Lithuania)

So, let's give these semi-finalists a well-deserved round of applause and wish them the best of luck as they move forward to battle it out for the ultimate prize pool:

➞ Syndicated investment up to 150,000 EUR from

➞ 150k EUR investment from DEPO Ventures ➞ 50k EUR investment from Buildit

➞ 10 000 EUR, no strings attached from community

➞ Draper University Hero Program tuition

➞ A zero-rate Open Banking service Noda .Cocoon Program prizes ➞ Exposure on stage in front of 200+ international investors, media and 2K+ attendees; ➞ Media and social media exposure

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