What to expect from TechChill in 2018
Meet our first investors extraordinaires

Founders, investors & future vanguards – meet the first speakers

As we prepare for the 7th edition of TechChill, we are looking forward to hosting some of the most fascinating entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and game-changers on our stage in February.

Real, raw and true stories that challenge the status quo will be at the forefront and we are searching for the very best people to inspire, challenge and share their battle scars with the next generation of startup founders. Without further ado – we’re honoured to introduce the first speakers.


With more than a decade of startup experience behind his belt, we welcome Renaud Visage, the Co-Founder and CTO of Eventbrite, the leading self-service ticketing platform for events around the world. If you’ve taken part in any tech events recently, the brand probably doesn’t need further introductions – Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any live experience. Launched in 2006 and based in San Francisco, Eventbrite has raised $200M in venture capital and employs more than 400 people on four continents. Renaud will be sharing some of the lessons and revelations from more than a decade-long experience as a founder.

“I’m personally very concerned that the virtual spaces that technology creates will become so compelling that people will lose touch with their humanity and stop connecting in the real world in meaningful ways. We started Eventbrite because we believe that live experiences are the key in helping people grow as human beings,” said Renaud in a recent interview.

Renaud is currently a Venture Partner at Index Ventures, the biggest venture capital firm in Europe. He’s also said that investing in Europe is his way of giving back to the community by supporting the best companies coming out of the continent and helping them scale internationally.


A heavy-weight and influential presence in the Nordic tech scene, Peter Vesterbacka is perhaps best known for his instrumental role in developing the famous game Angry Birds. Known to the world as the “Mighty Eagle”, he was the CMO at Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the wildly successful Angry Birds franchise and over 50 other games. Peter is also a Co-Founder and the original initiator of MobileMonday, the world’s largest mobile community, and one of the Founders of Slush, Europe’s leading startup event. In 2011 Time Magazine recognized Peter as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.


The seasoned entrepreneur is currently focused on his Co-Founded learning games studio Lightneer, with a mission is to make learning accessible and engaging to everybody in the world. However, his ambitions don’t stop there – since leaving Rovio in 2016, Peter has amped up his vigor, be it his involvement in Space Nation that aims to send citizens in space, or his completely not-so-crazy idea of building a tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki.

“Impossible really is nothing, especially when you love what you do,” he says, and we will definitely hear his take on the Nordic tech boom.

If the future belongs to the brave, then these leaders are on the frontlines. With an ever-present emphasis on technology’s role in shaping the future, TechChill will also be hosting exceptional visionaries like Dean Johnson and Barbara Belvisi.  


The master of storytelling Dean Johnson is an accomplished design leader, author, presenter and tech pundit. His team at Brandwidth builds partnerships with the most innovative startups and global organisations to deliver creative new platforms, products and solutions to shaping a connected future. Regular lecturing and keynotes take this enthusiasm for design, technology and innovation to a wider audience, helping elevate the agency and profession and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

Dean is also a firm believer in collaboration, noting that “the assumption within the AR and VR community is that everyone knows what we’re talking about. The truth is, very few people have first-hand experience.”

With an insatiable hunger for all things VR, AR, AI and IoT, Dean will be bringing his 30+ years of unique experience in design, technology and innovation to Riga. Dean likes to make an entrance, so keep an eye out for his talk on the agenda!


Passionate about robots, science and design since a young age, Barbara Belvisi is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Hardware Club – the first community-based VC dedicated to kick-starting the Hardware Revolution and growing the Apple(s) of tomorrow. Having previously mentored startups in various programs like Techstars and StartupBootCamp, Barbara’s initiatives have helped more than 100 founders build and scale amazing hardware companies.


Having just raised $28 million for its hardware seed fund and accepted over 270 members across 30 countries (with a mere 7% acceptance rate), the Club’s founding vision remains unchanged. According to Barbara, Hardware is “the new sexy” and can presently be low tech, lean manufactured and distributed more affordably.  


Catch the early bird pass and see you in Riga!