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TechChill partners with fintech leader TWINO

TechChill, the startup community initiative and largest tech event in Latvia will be partnering with TWINO, one of the leading Baltic fintech success stories, as an important boost to Riga as a growing fintech hub.

TechChill 2018 agenda will include a block devoted to fintech in partnership with TWINO, discussing what is still needed to help even more new fintech companies in the region grow, succeed and be competitive in the global market. Thanks to competitive infrastructure, experience in banking and an ambitious talent pool, fintech has traditionally been one of the strongest areas in the Baltic startup ecosystem, with companies like TransferWise (EE), TWINO (LV) and TransferGo (LT) leading the way in global recognition. Riga and the Baltics, in general, have the both the advantages and the opportunity to become a leading regional fintech hub center of European innovative finance service technology.


Twino has been committed to supporting the local community ecosystem over the years with several initiatives that focus on supporting founders, especially in fintech. This will be TWINO’s third year supporting TechChill. “It’s been a privilege to work together with supporters who share our values in giving back to the ecosystem. As TechChill has grown, so has Twino, and it’s an unexpected bonus to grow together and learn from each other, setting ever higher goals,” says Marija Rucevska, CEO of TechChill.


The partnership will kick off with an open meetup TechChill Origin Stories: Fintech Founders, which will take place on Thursday, September 14 at 7pm, co-hosted by Twino and TechChill. The event will open with a panel on How to start a fintech startup? discussing the challenges, opportunities, and adventures of fintech founders. Nordigen co-founder Rolands Mesters and DigiPulse founder Dmitry Dementyev will share their experiences, moderated by Jevgeņijs Kazaņins, P2P Platform lead from TWINO. The panel will be followed by a keynote from Sandris Murins on the hot new trend of ICO, as well as a few surprises from TechChill. Entrance is free.


The event will be the first in a new series of warm-up events that will aim to look at the necessary ingredients for startup success, focusing on the real-life entrepreneurship experiences stories at the core of TechChill 2018 agenda – what it takes to be a founder, what are their experiences, challenges, failures, and lessons learned. The series will be organized together with partners and key stakeholders in the Latvian startup ecosystem.


About TechChill

TechChill is a startup community initiative that hosts the largest tech event in Latvia, gathering 2000 entrepreneurs, challengers and the brightest minds in tech on February 8-9 in Riga. The most promising startups from the Baltic Sea region – from the Baltics, Nordics and Central Eastern Europe – will meet and match with global investors and business angels. A two-day agenda across two stages will include 80 speakers, including experienced founders, innovators, startup community leaders, tech media, investors and top experts in their field, with several opportunities of formal and informal networking.



Founded in 2009, TWINO is one of the largest marketplace lenders in Continental Europe. TWINOs peer to peer lending platform serves the customer to earn premium returns by investing in unsecured consumer loans. Now operating across 6 countries it has attracted more than 10,000 investors from 30 different countries.