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100+ reasons why Latvia is just the perfect spot for your next move

Just imagine the world where there are no borders! Oh, wait, that’s actually the world we’re currently living in.

With the digital transformation taking over, and especially since the global pandemic, the physical borders have indeed lost their former value opening the virtual doors to basically anything and anywhere. And the same goes for the ever-growing tech industry that has always been one step ahead of the global trends, thus shaping the current-day reality. The world is changing and the job market is adapting!

Location, location …. really, location?

Not even that long ago remote job options where something only imaginary movie characters could afford doing, while today it is our new normal and it doesn’t really matter if you live in Dubai, Moscow, LA or Helsinki. The whole world is quite literally at your feet, as long as you have a passion and talent ready to be developed. And if it happens to be smart talent, that’s exactly what we, here in the Baltics are looking for. Turns out that the demand for specialists is currently bigger than the pool of talents which means that you have come to the right place. Are you ready to find out more about why consider Latvia? Buckle up and let’s get you started!

Spotlight – Latvia

How much do you actually know about the Baltic states and Latvia in particular? Well, since you are here, it probably means that you do know something or at least feel eager to find out what you are in for, right? For starters, just recently Latvia has been ranked as the most start-up friendly country in Europe with very competitive stock option regulations, but that is certainly not all that this dynamic start-up hub has is store for you. Although it does sound very intriguing if you are an emerging industry talent looking for new opportunities. Or a start-up owner who’s ready to dig deeper and explore the EU market along with all the other perks this somewhat exotic Baltic sea region comes with, right?

Another thing you might have missed is that Latvia is known not only for its fast internet connection, but also for a lively and robust technology ecosystem representing a large number of innovative companies. The region’s convenient location, high quality of life and affordable business operation costs serve as solid grounds for ambitious start-ups and professional expansion. Besides, Latvia’s business environment provides one of the highest GDP growth rates in the European Union. And if that’s not quite enough to convince you to explore more, Latvia can also boast a: competitive tax system, easy access to the EU market and funds, favorable immigration policies and fast-track start-up visas for industry talents and founders!

With the advanced and digital-focused infrastructure, skilled workforce, competitive salaries, as well as the diverse and inclusive environment we have in a way become the new hot spot of the Baltics providing great career opportunities for hundreds of industry pioneers from abroad over the years. Steady growth, long-term stability and prosperity is pretty hard to resist after all. And by the way, we were among the first ones in the whole wide world to introduce 5G stations – that alone is pretty dope to consider relocation on this exact day, isn’t it?

Green, quick and global

Ok, but enough with bragging and let’s get to actual facts and numbers! Did you know that there are currently 500+ active start-ups, more than 37 000 specialists in ICT industry alone and over 16 000 open start-up job opportunities here in Latvia? Plus, there are plenty of flexible remote options in Product, Engineering, Marketing, Design and other fields for non-EU residents to consider. And with the assistance of our local Latvian Investment and Development Agency LIAA the moving process has been made as simple as physically possible. From applying for a start-up visa and renting an apartment or office space to opening a bank account, registering a company, starting your own business and obtaining health insurance – consider it all done!

As Reinis Azis, Deputy Director-General at ‎Investment and Development Agency of Latvia states: “Our advantage is that we can do complicated things quickly and at a globally competitive level, and the talents our companies are looking for can become a part of this story.”

At this point it’s probably safe to say that we have pretty much revealed all of our secrets, but let’s just add our beautiful capital Riga to the list which, being the third largest North-European city, is also one of the world’s greenest and cleanest cities. It might not always come across that way (especially in some certain neighborhoods which you really don’t need to worry about just yet), but trust us on that one! And on top of that, we have all these wild forests, never-ending coastline, long-kept traditions and we basically speak at least three languages daily. The chances are that you most likely know one or even two of them, so we’re practically your buddies already. And just so you know, we are particularly keen on fintech, deeptech, biomedicine, and drones, but feel free to approach with just about any kind of start-up pitch you have in mind!

Discussions and experiences were shared during Spotlight on the Baltics – an online fair on April 8, organized by the leading Baltic start-up and technology event TechChill in partnership with Latvian Investment and Development Agency LIAA, as well as our local tech success stories Printify and TWINO who are also hiring.

So, welcome to Latvia!

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