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Sustainability policy

This year at TechChill we recognize and take responsibility for our contribution to the global environmental and climate crisis. The first step towards becoming more environmentally friendly – we’ve made our sustainability policy and guidelines we intend to follow:

// when we produce something, we look for ways to make it environmentally friendly;

// in the case of the solution not being nature-friendly, we do our best to reuse the stuff we’ve produced;

// if we can’t reuse it – we collect and recycle it.

We acknowledge it’s quite a challenge to do this, when you’re catering, decorating and creating scenography for a 2500 people event. We also believe that every little thing matters.

We’re working hand-in-hand with top producers, scenographers and designers in Latvia, as well as companies that support the same values we do. We look through every option for sustainable event production, from attendee badges to deposit cups and eco swag.

When planning our activities at the event venue, we intend to collect and reuse most of everything we bring into it. When we’re not able to, we’ll make sure to recycle it.

We will need all of your support in this dedication! If you happen to attend any of TechChill events, please make sure to bring your water bottle and keepcup with you. We kindly ask you to follow event recycling directions and to point it out to us, when something of what’ve preached here doesn’t align with the realities of the event. Don’t be shy to be our sustainability officer!

There is no Planet B, and it would be mighty stupid of us not to try our best keeping it clean and happy!

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