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Gateway to global exposure for pre-acceleration startups

INO Demo event served as a first step to exposing startups of the INO pre-acceleration program to a wider and international audience. The event provided a platform for teams to engage with global early-stage investors, paving the way for potential investment opportunities.

INO pre-acceleration teams were split in three groups - Physical solutions, Apps & IoT solutions and & Platforms & B2B solutions. In these three groups teams have developed innovative solutions in different industries mainly in AI/ML, GreenTech, HealthTech, AgroTech followed by EnergyTech, EdTech and BioTech.

Engaging experiences and valuable lessons

Līga from Smart Hire expressed her excitement, highlighting the abundance of brilliant individuals and positive energy, “ TechChill Expo day was a super exciting event with lots of brilliant people and positive energy. Honestly I didn't expect that during one hour it would be possible to meet with potential clients, investors, acceleration program representatives and get in contact with the best IT/AI specialists.”

Jānis from BIM4X acknowledged the event's value, emphasizing the unique learning opportunities it presented, “It was a valuable experience that we could not have gained in any other way than participating in this type of event. We realized that you have to strategically choose a place in the hall, you have to figure out how to attract interested people at the moment when you are talking to others - these are just two of the conclusions we reached after the TechChill event.”

For Ģirts from NeuralAudit, the INO event served as an excellent warm-up for the larger TechChill event, “INO expo event during TechChill INO was a great warm-up for the big TechChill event, we met both potential customers and investors, which ensured that we could polish our two-minute idea pitch. I was surprised by how much interest there was from people, a very large part came to talk and most importantly - gave useful contacts or ideas.” Eduards from Sensemaker highlighted the significance of this first-hand experience in presenting their idea to diverse audiences, receiving feedback, and reevaluating their startup's trajectory, “A good first experience explaining an idea to different types of people, getting feedback, and reevaluating what we are doing.

It was interesting to compare our startup to other startups competing for investment.”

About Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy is a pre-acceleration program for potential entrepreneurs as well as innovative and globally ambitious business projects. It aims to support the founders of business ideas in the process of creating new products and services and to create teams that pursue globally competitive business projects.

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The program is supported by Technology business center of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Norway Grants. Working together for a competitive Europe!

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