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How Deel AI Supports Scaling Global Workforces

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Are you looking for ways to scale your company's global workforce? While we often hear about AI's impact on customer support, cybersecurity, content production, and accounting, we rarely hear of companies using AI to scale a multinational workforce and remain compliant. 

Following the ever-growing trend of AI implementation in the business world, Deel built an AI tool to help companies of all shapes and sizes scale globally.

1️⃣. Get instant answers on local laws in over 150 countries with the AI assistant

Deel's AI assistant uses OpenAI's ChatGPT software to simulate human conversation, pulling insights from Deel's extensive global hiring knowledge base to answer all your global hiring questions. There is no need to search for information across multiple tools, documents, or platforms.

The knowledge base is built and vetted by local lawyers and HR professionals worldwide who analyze global hiring data to ensure global compliance in every jurisdiction.  

For example, you could ask Deel’s AI assistant:

  • What is the sick leave policy in the UK? 

  • What are the statutory benefits in Slovakia? 

  • How much PTO does an employee get in Canada?

Whether you need to make a well-informed hiring decision, draw up a compelling offer for a candidate in a location lacking salary benchmarks, or estimate your employer costs to ensure they align with your budget, Deel AI has an answer.

You can also ask Deel AI to pull insights from your own workforce data. Need to know how many contractors you have in France? How about your total employment costs in Germany? Want to verify an employee's visa status? Just ask Deel AI.

Additionally, Deel AI is covered by access control in its virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, guaranteeing that data access is limited exclusively to users with the appropriate permissions.

2️⃣. Avoid misclassification with the AI worker classifier

As your company grows and you continue to test new markets and talent hubs, correctly classifying workers becomes increasingly complex. Every country has different criteria for worker classification, and the case law is often very specific to particular business-worker relationships and is constantly evolving. 

Deel has built an AI-based worker classifier in partnership with Queen’s University, which can assess the classification of new hires located around the world. 

Unlike other more basic tools, Deel’s worker classifier uses award-winning research into localized employment count cases and classification tests to classify your workers with over 90% accuracy.

3️⃣. Weed out workforce risks with AI insights reports

Each country has its own set of rules that can impact your operations, workforce, and business structure. For example:

  • In Argentina, a foreign company triggers permanent establishment (PE) status once it has more than 50 employees working there for more than 183 days in a taxable year

  • A Brazilian contractor can work for a company under a fixed-term contract for a maximum of two years before the company must reclassify them as an employee

  • In Denmark, if a worker meets certain conditions, they can work without residence or work permits for two periods within the span of 180 days. After which point, they must obtain an official work authorization to legally operate in the country

Instead of relying on your compliance function to conduct regular internal audits and risk assessments to identify and address potential compliance gaps, companies can now rely on Deel’s AI workforce insights reports. 

The AI reporting software analyzes your worker data and the latest compliance developments and generates a compliance report tailored to the unique concerns of your business. You can access the reports on the platform or have them delivered to your email monthly, alerting you to misclassification risks, expiring visas, and non-compliance with employment laws such as minimum wages, benefits, and more. 

4️⃣. Detect global regulatory changes with the AI compliance monitor

61,228 regulatory events took place across 190 countries in 2022. This figure translates to an average of 234 daily alerts, signifying the sheer volume of regulations companies need to cope with and the rapid pace at which they change.

Deel’s AI compliance monitor is the only tool on the market that monitors and provides compliance regulatory updates for 150 countries, enabling you to hire and manage workers across the globe confidently. 

The tool detects regulatory changes to employment laws across jurisdictions, impacting wages, pensions, private insurance, leave changes, tax obligations, and more. 

In addition, the compliance monitor simplifies the legal language to provide concise summaries of the impact on your business in just a few sentences, helping you with risk management and saving your HR or compliance department hundreds of hours that would have been spent on compliance tracking.

5️⃣. Pay global teams faster with AI-approved payslips and AI-verified expenses  

Payslip approvals, the final checkpoint before salaries are disbursed, become complex when compensating a global workforce. Each country has its own laws and regulations governing payslip content, formatting, and delivery. Different time zones can also impact the timings of approvals, disrupting payroll cycles and causing late payments. 

Similarly, verifying expense receipts in the reimbursement process requires many hours. Rules governing which business expenses are tax-deductible and specific requirements for the format and content of expense receipts can differ. 

Deel’s AI payslip approval and expense verification software assesses payslips and expense receipts to ensure they align with country-specific requirements in 130+ countries before auto-validating them. Teams get paid and reimbursed on time, accurately, and with less internal hassle. 

Deel will soon extend AI verification to compliance documentation and other approvals.

6️⃣. Prevent fincrime disruption with AI fraud detection 

Expanding business operations internationally can be a game-changer for companies, but it also exposes them to a higher risk of financial crime, or fincrime. The worldwide regulatory landscape can be complex and fragmented, increasing the likelihood of cybercrime and corruption, which can result in financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences.

Fortunately, Deel's advanced fraud detector leverages AI-powered risk-scoring signals to help identify fraudulent activities like duplicate profiles and suspicious behavior. Moreover, it can proactively flag any negative media coverage related to your business so that you can handle it strategically. 

Scale a global workforce effortlessly with Deel 

Work's gone global, but figuring out how to hire and manage an international team is complex. And until now, no HR platform has handled everything, for everyone, anywhere. Most teams use up to 16 tools to make global team management work.

Deel's the future of global HR, but it's a platform you can use today. It works for you and your team wherever they are, whatever their employment status. It's built-in contracts, visas, background checks, payroll, equipment, benefits, equity, salary insights, and more, made to help businesses of all sizes compliantly hire, manage, and pay anyone worry-free.

Whether you want to hire worldwide without opening legal entities, streamline HR for your global team, or consolidate payroll for everyone, Deel does it all. Plus, local legal experts teamed with the latest advancements in AI and automation help you stay on top of labor laws everywhere and remain compliant.  

Deel's the only global-first HR platform built to scale with your business, no matter your stage of growth.

Sounds like the solution you’re looking for? Book a demo today to start your global expansion journey.

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