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Marketing at early stages. Do startups need that?

/ Article by idealers /

Being a startup marketing agency, we meet new founders on a daily basis. And the common question from founders we hear all the time is “Do I really need marketing at the early stage of my company?

Well, our answer will always be “YES”, but that is not that simple, as it sounds. 

Early stage founders are always concentrated on 3 main aspects of their business: Product, Sales and Fundraising. While product development lies fully on founders and technical team, Sales and Fundraising aspects might be really accelerated with marketing tools, and yes, you should start doing your marketing at the very first stages of your customer journey, and here’s why:

🤝 Finding the right customers. There are a bunch of marketing instruments, designed specifically for early-stage hypothesis testing, such as landing pages and A/B testing. We strongly recommend to start A/B testing as early as possible to really find your niche audience, which would help you to determine the perfect sales channels and even product development. A/B testing is a perfect way to keep on your product and market-fit flexibility.

🤝 Generating first leads and finding early adopters. While developing your marketing tools and having your first touch with the customers, defining the right audience and developing tone of voice might be a crucial tool to find your early adopters and hopefully, generate the first traction for your business.

🤝 Building trust and brand awareness. Do I really need THIS that early?, - you might ask. Definitely. Whether your product is one of very few competitors, or you are operating in a hot and highly competitive market - you need to shout out about yourself and your company and start building trust among your future customers. Again, all of mentioned above will accelerate your early traction and sales, which naturally leads us to the next point.

🤝 Increasing your investment attractiveness. Of course, product and the team are the key points for investors during the decision-making process, but your market presence and customer loyalty are among the top-listed criteria for fundraising. If your beautiful company has managed to generate first leads and early adopters, showing that your go-to-market strategy works - that would be the key to success when conducting investor interviews.

And that is, of course, not the full list of why you should get your hands deeper into your marketing strategy from the first day of your company's existence, but we really hope that we’ve convinced you to start working on your marketing strategy, or at least, to learn the basics. And last, but not least, marketing is fun, and fun is why we all are here. :)

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