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TechChill 2021: Point of No Return

What a weird summer. Usually, around this time of the year, team TechChill would be tired but happy and with well-stimulated minds. Behind our backs would be a roadshow around Europe that’s always full of stops at world-class conferences and we’d be well into the preparations for the new season’s launch. Unfortunately, only the latter and our good spirits after the biggest part of summer spent participating in all things digital apply to this August. This is it, despite the noticeable calendar shift in event industry, we’re launching the TechChill 2021 season and.. there is a twist!

We are moving to May

Yes, February is a month that’s very dear to our hearts and yes, most of the conference’s warming traditions are tied to the cold and gloomy weather residing in the Northern Hemisphere. However, for the 10th anniversary, TechChill is moving three months further in the year, but not a day too late! For the first time ever, TechChill will take place 5 – 21 May 2021. The virtual TechChill weeks meeting place does not change – Riga, Latvia. If everything goes right, we predict you find yourself moving to this Baltic country and starting your next business venture right here, with a helping hand from the local startup community that we’re proud to be a part from.

Welcome to the Point of No Return

We’re not announcing only the big calendar shift, the preparations for next May has started and we’re ready to open up about it starting with the theme of the next season. The main focus for TechChill 2021 is the Point of No Return – we’ll delve into the current course of action in Green New World, Knowledge for Growth and Digital Transformation, how provoked adaptation transforms into unforeseen opportunities, and how avoiding the change is the most dangerous path.

We’ve reached a point of no return in so many of the most important aspects of our lives, such as health, education, and how we build businesses, and we wish to investigate and learn from these transformative journeys. Founders will be invited to share their point of no return and make it or break it moments when building their startups during the already traditional Founder Stories. Another agenda block will feature the most practical and hands-on advice, tools and options for startups facing change, adaptation or crossroads.

But what about the pandemic?

With many events canceled or transformed into online gatherings, that’s a very logical question. The new normal has transformed how we approach events – there is a lot of valuable content available online and both organizers and participants reevaluate what the events can offer. That’s why TechChill will be virtual!

Get involved

The tickets will be available soon. If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to find out!

We invite community members, cooperations, and individuals to get involved! Maybe your company wants to host an event? Be the community partner that has our back and we have yours? Or you know a speaker that is a perfect fit for the Point of No Return? Browse through the ways how you can be involved here and drop me a message if you want to be a part of TechChill 2021!


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