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TechChill and Entrepreneurs for Peace invite you to join the convoy of startup ecosystems to Kyiv

With the aim of fostering closer ties between Ukrainian and Baltic startup communities, TechChill, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurs for Peace fund, is organizing several initiatives to strengthen the front lines. This includes a donation campaign, an entrepreneur convoy, and a community event (meetup) in Kyiv.

How to Support:

1. Donate FPV Drones to Ukrainian Defenders

We invite you to support Ukrainian defenders by donating critically needed FPV drones. The Ukrainian front is our front, and Ukrainian defenders are fighting for our future and peace in Europe!

Donate to:

Fund “Entrepreneurs for Peace”

Account number: LV49HABA0551057382880

The donation agreement is available here:

Completed donation agreements should be sent to:


2. Join Entrepreneur Convoy to Kyiv in June

In the donation campaign organized by TechChill, entrepreneurs are invited to deliver the drones purchased to Kyiv. The entrepreneur convoy is organized in collaboration with Entrepreneurs for Peace, delivering donated vehicles to Ukraine.


Time behind the wheel – 2 days
(distance - 1300 km)

Delivery cost per vehicle – EUR 500 (can be split amongst 2 drivers)

(including accommodation expenses in Poland for 2 drivers)

Additional expenses - 2 nights in Kyiv (June 5 & 6)

Register for the entrepreneur convoy until May 6

On-site Program in Kyiv

Convoy participants will have the opportunity to meet with military unit representatives who will receive the delivered vehicles and drones. A visit to the "Mother Ukraine" monument is also planned, as well as a brief visit to the exhibitions of the World War II history museum.


On June 6, in collaboration with Lift99 Kyiv Hub, TechChill is organizing a community event in Kyiv, open to anyone interested - entrepreneurs, investors, representatives of support organizations. During the event, opportunities for closer cooperation between Ukrainian and Latvian technology startup ecosystems will be discussed.

Trip itinerary*

June 4: Departure from Riga (accommodation near the Poland/Ukraine border);


June 5: Crossing the border, journey to Kyiv. Handover of donated vehicles to units, meeting with Ukrainian defenders;


June 6: Excursion in the center of Kyiv with visits to the main sights and startup ecosystem event at Lift 99 Kyiv Hub;


June 7: Return journey with organized private bus for the entire group;


June 8: Arrival in Riga (late evening or night).

*Due to security considerations, changes to the trip itinerary are possible.

About the Organizers

TechChill is a non-profit organization representing Latvia's startup environment. Its goal is to promote the development of technology and startup ecosystems, international recognition, and investment attraction to Latvia. The organization's most significant annual event is the international conference "TechChill", which will take place in Riga, Hanzas Perons, from April 17 to 19, 2024. More about the organization:

“Uzņēmēji mieram” (Entrepreneurs for Peace) is a fund founded by Latvian entrepreneurs with the aim of supporting Ukraine's freedom fighters. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the “Uzņēmēji mieram” fund, which now unites more than 300 Latvian companies, has sent assistance to Ukraine totaling more than 10 million euros. More about the fund's achievements:

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