Founder's mindset affecting the venture, the community, and the world

How To: Grow, Scale & Build a Team
2/22/19, 3:50 PM - 4:15 PM (EET)
LMT Founder stage

There’s been a backlash against a number of ventures in Silicon Valley… rocks getting thrown at tech workers as they head to work signifying a much deeper problem is starting to emerge. The mantra “move fast and break things” no longer works in building startups. At the root of these issues, founders can drive their ventures so that they increase their chances of success in a new way that will have an impact on the health of their venture, their community, and the world. What should founders do to avoid these pitfalls but also take advantage of the underlying societal shift emerging? The founder must learn to grow along the way, or often times find himself/herself Kevin will share his personal perspective and share examples from around the world.