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Agenda tracks 2024

This year we will delve into depth for three main sections - Frontier Technologies, Startup Foundation, and The New Rules.

#1 Frontier Technologies

This section will be around game-changing technologies and science meeting real-world implementation. These nascent technologies stand ready to redefine industries, challenge conventional business models, and completely change our daily lives beyond recognition in only a couple of years' time.

All About AI

Automation, industry impact, regulation – these are the pillars of AI that we will explore. Discover how AI is not just a tool but a game changer in every sector.

Defence Tech & Cybersecurity

In a world where digital and physical threats are evolving, learn about cutting-edge tech safeguarding our data and privacy.

Energy & Climatetech It's time to address the climate crisis with technology. Dive into solutions that are not just sustainable but revolutionary.

Space Tech

Space is the final frontier. This track is for those who dare to dream beyond our planet, exploring technologies that are literally out of this world.

#2 Startup foundations

Embark on the entrepreneurial journey. From raw founder stories to essential startup skills, gain insights into building and nurturing a successful startup.

Founder Stories

Real stories from founders who've been there. A candid look at the triumphs and trials of building a startup.

Startup Hard Skills This is the ultimate survival guide for startups. From fundraising to team building, get the hard skills that make or break a startup journey. 

#3 New Rules - Navigating the New Normal

In a rapidly shifting economic and geopolitical landscape, learn how adaptability and innovation are key. From embracing diversity to redefining success, we explore how businesses can thrive in a changing world.

Empowering Diversity and Changing Mindsets

Inclusion isn't just a buzzword; it's a business imperative. Learn how diverse teams and fresh perspectives are reshaping the business world.

New Metrics of Success for Business

Profit is passé; purpose is in. Discover the new metrics defining business success in a rapidly evolving world.

Economic Development in Different Regions 

What does economic change mean for startups globally? Understand the regional shifts that are creating new opportunities. 

Baltic Landscape

We are not beginners anymore. Startups are raising record sums in capital while more and more founders turn angels. So let’s take a look at the opportunities it offers to the ecosystem. 

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