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Latvian Startups to Watch

Lately, it might seem that every other discussion or article in the local startup and tech community is about the topic of where to find the first Latvian unicorn. Or what to do, improve and implement to nourish an environment for unicorns to develop and grow here in Latvia. This article is not about that.

This story is a celebration of remarkable Latvian startups instead. The time for the first unicorn will come, but there are truly outstanding startups that deserve our attention and should be talked about now. Companies that are already changing the status quo and improving the practices in finance, households, education, cities, healthcare, and the list goes on. We would like to shed light on ten existing Latvian startups, some smaller, some bigger, but all with one unifying element – exceptional growth potential. These teams are working hard to improve our lives in one way or another, have a bright future in front of them, and deserve your attention right here and now!

BeeSage: Intelligent system for data-driven beekeeping

The team of BeeSage was born at LMT IoT Hackathon at TechChill 2020, where their prototype won the competition. Since then, BeeSage has developed various products that altogether make the complete beehive monitoring system to help beekeepers take care of their colonies.

Jeff App: The matchmaker for people and loans

Known as “tinder for loans”, Jeff App aims to make financing accessible to hundreds of millions in South-East Asia. The team has already raised 150,000 euros to develop its loan brokerage solution in Vietnam further and also expand its operations to Indonesia.

Longenesis: Providing the industry with tools for prospective research and R&D acceleration

One of the strongest HealthTechs in the region, Longenesis is building their company with a noble – to help identify and unlock the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate the novel drug and treatment discovery and provide better help to those in need. By the way, Longenesis made it to the finals at Fifty Founders Battle at TechChill 2020 and is returning again this year!

Nordigen: All-in-one banking data API for building powerful banking, lending and finance apps

Nordigen is the first freemium open banking platform in Europe, providing free access to bank account data and premium data insights. Featured in TechCrunch, Financial Times,, Sifted, and many more, Nordigen is rapidly gaining Europe’s tech and fintech scenes attention due to changing the future of FinTech with its free open banking API.

Roboeatz: The world’s most advanced autonomous robotic kitchen

Designed by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers for the food service industry, Roboeatz offers a fully autonomous robotic meal-preparation system. Interested in visiting a restaurant where the food is prepared by a robot? Well, you might not have to wait long, in the near future Roboeatz is planning to open its first location in Latvia. Music education app for middle & high school

Used by over 10 000 schools, thousands of students, and industry-leading organizations, inspires millions to learn and practice music. provides an app for music education for middle and high school students; the app’s success is driven by engaging users with interactive games and popular songs from artists such as The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and many more.

Vigo: Digital Therapeutic for Stroke Recovery

Another significant Latvian HealthTech startup on the list! Vigo provides digital therapy for stroke that offers personalized treatment guidance at home through a software application. Classified as a medical device in the European Union, Vigo has already partnered with the largest rehabilitation center in Latvia, National Rehabilitation Center Vaivari.

Zeltini / Z-Triton: Building amphibian mobile homes and vehicles for human resilience and fun

Zeltini, a Latvian design studio, has created the amphibious e-camper Z-Triton. The e-tricycle camper offers you the freedom to travel both over land and water. It is a perfect example of what the studio aims to achieve – sustainable, practical, yet fun products.

ATOM Mobility: All-in-one solution for shared mobility helping entrepreneurs to launch their own vehicle sharing platforms in 20 days.

4 000 cities worldwide has no access to e-mobility. This results in heavy traffic, huge CO2 emission and parking space problem. We can change that. ATOM Mobility helps entrepreneurs to launch and operate e-vehicle sharing platforms by providing all IT solutions needed for fleet sharing just in 20 days.

Efectio:A comprehensive employee engagement solution that creates a positive work culture and helps companies achieve their goals.

Efectio is a digital HR tool for employee engagement, designed to educate, engage and connect employees. The platform’s employee engagement programs are based on gamification, microlearning, and health app integrations.

Neuroscience has shown that social learning and combining training programs with gamification elements is much more effective than traditional methods. Through gamification, Efectio promotes employee well-being, competence development, team-building and brings company values to life. Online platform to digitize companies’ brand guidelines. We help the brand creators deliver better experiences for their clients, providing an online brand guidelines format which is easy to build, update and share.

Corebook° was not built just to allow brand designers to create eye-catching digital brand guidelines to impress other designers (although you can do that, too). Corebook° is here to help remove the anxiety of the person investing the money on branding and aspire full confidence in new brands or rebranding in 2021 and beyond.

As the startup ecosystem in Latvia is rapidly developing and growing, there are many more startups that could be added to this list. If these stories intrigued you and you would like to explore these and other Latvian startups in more detail, we have some great news – you have a chance to meet the founders and team behind the startups already this week at TechChill 2021.

Make sure to visit TechChill Startup Expo and explore the Latvian Startups to Watch selection by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Startup Expo presents twenty virtual startup booths in total, at TechChill 2021 you can meet BeeSage, Longenesis, Nordigen, Roboeatz,, and Zeltini from this article as well as Latvian rising startups AgroPlatforma, ATOM Mobility, CENOS, ChemCode,, Efectio, Exponential Technologies, Ferterex, Fixar Global, Flipful, HyMet Thermal Interfaces, Kedeon, Lightspace Technologies, and Snapio.

Celebrate these founders and startups by dropping by their virtual booths at TechChill 2021 or simply by sharing this story!

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