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Mastering Entrepreneurship: Insights from a Startup Founder

Goda Go - Co-founder and chief Commercial Officer at Synthminds AI, Inc Introducing Goda Go. Co-founder and chief Commercial Officer at Synthminds AI, Inc ( Synthminds is a full-service AI Agency focusing on Education, Strategy & Integration. The company designs and implements custom AI solutions that drive business results. By simplifying AI adoption, their approach ensures business expansion is supported by solutions that are ethical, secure, and flexible to change.

What are some of the key skills or qualities that you think are essential for success as an entrepreneur? And what initially sparked your entrepreneurial spirit and led you to pursue this venture?

For entrepreneurial success, I believe key qualities include curiosity, adaptability, resilience, work ethic, and salesmanship, rather than solely relying on passion. Curiosity is crucial as it drives exploration and problem-solving, essential for understanding customers and innovating. This curiosity guided me from architecture to entrepreneurship, teaching me resilience and adaptability along the way.

Salesmanship, often underrated, is vital in selling ideas, products, and oneself. My journey transitioning from architecture to a Big Data Analytics company and eventually founding a YouTube channel emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and continuous learning.

Becoming a mother ignited a new purpose in me, removing fears and inspiring me to co-found an AI agency, Synthminds, to help others integrate AI into their lives and businesses. This journey underscores the importance of embracing new experiences and finding purpose in entrepreneurship.

How do you stay motivated and focused when faced with setbacks or challenges in your business? How do you overcome them? 

In navigating setbacks, I draw on Stoic philosophy for guidance, focusing on what's within my control and maintaining a positive outlook. This mindset shift empowers me to confront challenges with resilience and determination, seeing each setback as an opportunity for growth. As a content creator, I've learned to pivot from disappointments by prioritizing learning and progress over perfection, understanding that each setback refines my approach and fuels my growth.

Additionally, my family serves as a powerful motivator, driving my commitment to providing for them and actively shaping our future together. Their support fuels my determination to overcome obstacles while connecting with others along the journey provides fulfillment and shared learning experiences. Through visualization, I keep focused on my objectives, envisioning future successes and potential solutions to obstacles. Embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth and remaining resilient in the face of adversity keeps me motivated and evolving in my entrepreneurial pursuits.

What have been some of the biggest lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, three key lessons stand out to me. Firstly, I've learned the importance of prioritizing curiosity and adaptability over past titles and experience when building a team. Skills can be taught, but innate curiosity drives innovation. Secondly, keeping focused is paramount, especially when growing an audience. Saying "no" to opportunities that don't align with your goals is crucial for success. Lastly, I've been pleasantly surprised by the openness and inclusivity of the tech industry, despite its reputation for being male-dominated. Embracing diversity of perspectives, whether in gender, age, or expertise, is essential for driving innovation and progress in any venture.

Can you share your experience navigating the fundraising landscape as a female founder? Specifically, what unique challenges or obstacles did you encounter, and what strategies did you use to overcome them?

Reflecting on my experience as a female founder navigating the fundraising landscape, I encountered challenges that stemmed from misconceptions and gender biases. While statistics on venture capital funding for female founders remain disheartening, I choose to focus on inspirational figures who are breaking barriers in the tech and AI space. Ultimately, the value of a product or service speaks louder than gender, and investors who overlook this aren't the right partners for the journey.

To overcome obstacles, I emphasize a focus on results and a compelling value proposition. I've built a strong co-founding team and strategic partnerships, positioning our venture as an agency with expertise in AI development. By prioritizing innovation and delivering value, we're poised to succeed regardless of gender biases in the fundraising landscape.

Founders often face the challenge of prioritizing personal well-being amidst the startup grind. Can you share some specific strategies you've implemented to create a healthy work-life integration while managing the demanding schedule of a startup founder?

To maintain a healthy work-life integration as a startup founder, I've adopted various strategies. Firstly, I recognize life's different seasons, balancing intense focus with personal time. Delegating tasks to my COO frees me to concentrate on essential activities. I prioritize self-care by waking up early and relying on support services for daily tasks. Blocking dedicated time for deep work and utilizing our own AI solutions like "Jarvis Junior" to streamline productivity. These approaches help me strike a balance between entrepreneurship and personal well-being.

​​To complement these strategies, I've cultivated a supportive network of mentors and peers who understand the challenges of startup life. This community provides invaluable advice, encouragement, and perspective, helping me navigate obstacles and stay motivated. By fostering these connections, I'm able to draw strength and inspiration from others' experiences, further enhancing my ability to maintain a healthy work-life integration.

How do you strategically stay informed about industry trends and upcoming technologies to ensure your business is prepared for the future?

In navigating the dynamic AI landscape, I prioritize strategic systems, delegation, and smart automation. Our organization employs a multi-layered approach, with the "Learning Labs" department focusing on foundational research and my own "Commercial Hub" department focuses on partnerships with startups for insights into emerging technologies. Moreover, collectively we track market trends and practical AI applications. Meanwhile, in my Commercial and Media department, I track market trends and practical AI applications.

To manage information overload, we've centralized knowledge through an AI-powered hub, facilitating seamless content sharing and collaboration across teams. We maintain a dynamic database of AI tools and research, continuously updating our educational materials and training courses to reflect technological advancements.

Our commitment to evolving systems has led us to productize our solutions, offering valuable resources to other businesses facing similar challenges. By addressing our own needs and transforming solutions into streamlined tools, we aim to assist organizations in staying ahead of industry trends and emerging technologies.

What are your long-term goals for your company, and how do you envision its future impact?

Our company's long-term vision is to democratize AI, empowering individuals and businesses to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing technological landscape. Concrete initiatives, such as partnering with educational institutions to provide AI training to over a million women in India, underscore our commitment to global reach and knowledge democratization. To scale these efforts, we plan to commence fundraising in Q2 of 2024, addressing the widespread demand for AI expertise and strategic guidance among businesses lacking foundational understanding.

Our agility and innovation are central to our success, allowing us to swiftly transform ideas into action through AI-powered solutions. From reimagining operational models for investment firms to empowering voices in Hollywood through blockchain and AI, our business model thrives on scalability. Ethical and secure AI practices are integral to our mission, beginning with education as a foundational step. With the support of my personal community, we're positioned to achieve our long-term goals of democratizing AI and empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Interview series by Riga TechGirls for TechChill 2024 

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