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Meet the Fifty Founders Battle semi-finalists

In the world of entrepreneurship, innovation knows no bounds. Every year, startups from around the globe vie for recognition, support, and investment to propel their groundbreaking ideas into reality. This year was no exception, as the Fifty Founders Battle attracted 388 applications from 57 countries. Amidst this fierce competition, 50 exceptional teams have emerged as semi-finalists, showcasing the diversity and ingenuity of the global startup ecosystem.

Let's take a moment to applaud these trailblazing innovators who have captured the attention of eagle-eyed jury with their drive and determination. The top 50 semi-finalists, listed in alphabetical order: AgriModem (PL) - AgriModem is developing a Plug&Play modem and AI and IoT-integrated platform to help farmers optimize mixed fleet of equipment.

Ari Care (EE) - Ari Care is reinventing the manufacturing of personal care products as waterless formulas.

Aspichi (UA) - Audio/Visual Teleportation Company with PTSD treatment as a service in VR.

BabyRAIN (PL)- AI-powered platform to aid diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in children at an early stage

Bdetect (LV) - Multispectral skin cancer detection device powered by AI.

Catalyco (LV) - Catalyco is developing a circular economy supply chain for ZnO to reduce imported materials, help the industry meet ESG.

CERPRO (DE) - With our SaaS solution, the manufacturing value chain becomes a digital and intelligent ecosystem.

CheckEye (UA) - CheckEye is a Ukrainian AI-enabled cloud platform for mass screening of chronic diseases

Commu (FI)- Commu makes asking for help and giving help easier at home and at work. Free P2P app and corporate volunteering B2B SaaS.

DDDinvoices (SI) - DDD Invoices enables locally compliant invoicing for any software with a single API.

eID Easy (EE) - eID Easy is identity based electronic signature and digital identity marketplace to combat fraud and increase security.

Elysium Lab (CH) -Elysium is building a Wallet for Digital Assets and Bitcoin focus on Assets Management and Payments.

EsaDres (EE) -  EsaDres as a deep-tech company is developing personalised solutions for the treatment of chronic wounds.

Esencia foods UG (DE) - Esencia Foods innovates mycelium seafood with just 2 ingredients, combating overfishing sustainably.

FiveBrane (AM) - Data Science platform for disease analytics for building reliable Medical Diagnostic Imaging AI solutions and Precision.

FleetFox (EE) - Full-stack fleet care servicing platform for Shared Mobility.

Forse.AI (LV) - We are developing Predictive Analytics AI adviser to help companies with everyday business tasks & boosting productivity.

Greet (LT) - Tech solution created for the hospitality industry to be more efficient with less effort.

Heartery (DK) - Heartery is the first app to lower blood pressure with the help of AI.

inGain (LV) - Your industry, our lending solution. No-code SaaS loan management system.

IntelSwift (UA) - Customer Service AI with Human decision-making.

KLIPY (US) - DSP/SSP of GIFs, Clips, Stickers.

Legal Nodes (GB) - Legal Nodes is a global legal platform for tech businesses.

LILEDU (LT) - LILEDU's 'Play & Swap' model is the Netflix of educational toys.

Mantis Analytics (UA) - AI-driven corporate physical and informational risk management platform.

Mati Foods (EE) - Mati is developing meat and seafood alternatives from mycoprotein to enable flexitarians to enjoy healthy vegan food.

MEATEC (TR) - Software Intelligence for Battery Management Systems of Electric Vehicle. (PL) - Data companion for operational managers.

Munchi (FI) - Munchi allows restaurants to manage all online orders, marketing and reviews in one platform.

Nexity Network (RO) - Streamlining the Global Assets Trade with Blockchain-Powered Efficiency.

Pal. (NL)- Digital palliative care platform enabling proactive home-based care for anyone with a life-limiting illness.

Pickvibe (LT) - Pickvibe's cultural events aggregator. We have 5.5 million cultural content views on the platform.

PrintyMed (LV) - Artificial spider silk for bioprinting to help artificial organ manufacturers develop ideal artificial organs.

ResilientX (GB) - ResilientX provides a Cutting-Edge and Cost-Effective All-In-One Security Testing solution to Mid-Size Enterprises.

Revisior (PL) - Revisior is a SaaS tool for multi-channel feedback and customer experience management.

RoboMed Oy (FI) - Wireless robotic capsule for endoscopy, biopsy and microbiota sampling of small intestine with synchronised VR.

S.Lab (EE) - S.Lab produces a truly green packaging at industrial scale that consists of only two plant based components.

Salesforge (EE) - Salesforge, AI-copilot or autopilot for sales execution.

Silo Team (SE) - Reducing dev turnover by providing everything from on/offboarding to accessing technical knowledge.

Soft Way  (LV) - B2B Travel Management tool that can save up to $25.000 annually for your Company.

Sorsera (LV) - Sorsera is the B2B2G tender intelligence and collaboration platform driving efficiency in EU's €2tn public procurement.

STORI AI  (US) - STORI is an AI powered brand automation platform.

SUBmerge Baltic (LV) - SUBmerge Baltic is developing an underwater drone for autonomous underwater inspections and insuring water safety.

Uspacy (UA)- Uspacy is developing SaaS to help SMBs arrange communication, collaboration and CRM in a single digital workspace.

Vaqat (US) - Vaqat is a student freelance marketplace that leverages project reviews for recruitment purposes (contract-to-hire).

Viacurrent (EE) - Viacurrent enables frontline employees to get paid instantly, eliminating the need for payday loans.

Videolevels (EE) - Build your own white-labeled streaming platform to overcome the constraints of major streaming services.

Wantent (US) - Wantent is an AI-powered platform to measure audience engagement and test content at all stages of production.

Wavess (DE) - Wavess predicts and enhances marketing performance pre-launch, tailoring it to the ideal customer and business profile.

XRWorkout (US) - Happier, healthier, and longer lives through fitness in extended reality! These Founders will compete for an incredible prize pool: 💰 €350K in investment from, DEPO Ventures, Diaspora Ventures, and Acrobator Ventures |, PLUS €10K community prize from eazyBI, Mintos & TestDevLAb with no strings attached! But that's not all – there's a chance for up to €250K investment from Look AI Ventures, a fast track to Genesis Startup Academy by TRMNL4, a Snapchat Excellence Award, brand development kit by idealers, AND free outdoor advertising on JCDecaux digital screens in Latvia!

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