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Meet the Latvian startup ecosystem frontiers

Get ready for a showcase of some of the most powerful startups in Latvia! The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is gearing up to introduce foreign investors to ten of the Latvia's most promising startups at TechChill.

With more than 200 investors expected to attend the event, TechChill is the perfect platform for these startups to meet potential investors and share their innovative ideas. This year, the interest in Latvian startups and TechChill is higher than ever before, with 30 new investment funds joining the conference.

The selected startups, including “Longenesis”, “Cenos”, “Jeff”, “Setupad”, “Supliful”, “”, “Gamechanger Audio”, “Cellbox labs”, “BeTriton” and “Anatomy Next, were chosen based on several criteria, including their development stage, team size, and previous investments.

Head of the LIAA Start-up Support Department, Ilze Nēliusa is excited about this opportunity to promote Latvia's startup ecosystem and attract foreign investment. "The more opportunities we create together, the more robust, developed, and powerful our startup ecosystem will be," she says.

TechChill offers a fantastic opportunity for Latvian startups to showcase their ideas and connect with potential investors. With LIAA's support, these ten promising startups are poised to take the global startup scene by storm. Stay tuned for more exciting developments! ✨ Join us for the TechChill startup demo event by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and meet the top 10 promising Latvian startups!

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