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Take Over the Stage at TechChill 2024: Your Opportunity to Shine at the OpenMic!

Do you have a compelling story to share, insights that could revolutionize the VC world, or hard-earned advice from your startup journey? If yes, then TechChill 2024 is your platform to connect, inspire, and lead.

TechChill is on the lookout for passionate storytellers, visionary innovators, and seasoned thought leaders ready to take the mic and captivate an audience of tech professionals, investors, and media from all corners of the globe. If you're eager to:

🔖 tell a story 🔎 share valuable insights for VCs 🦄 advise on the startup journey

Then, you're exactly who we're looking for! 🌱

Here's How You Can Join:

  1. Submit Your Topic: Have a topic that aligns with our themes? Great! Submit your proposal by March 25th right here.

  2. Launch Your Campaign: Starting March 27th, activate your network to vote for your topic. Campaigning ends on April 8th, so make every vote count!

  3. Await the Outcome: Mark your calendar for April 10th, when we'll announce the speakers who've captured the audience's vote and earned their spotlight at TechChill 2024.

This is more than just a chance to speak; it's an opportunity to influence, to share your journey, and to leave a mark on the tech ecosystem. Whether you’re sharing breakthrough insights, a story of resilience, or advice that could steer a startup toward success, your voice has the power to inspire change.

🔗 Submit Your Topic Now and prepare to kick off your campaign. Let's make TechChill 2024 a platform for genuine stories, transformative insights, and invaluable advice. Your voice deserves to be heard, and here’s your chance to amplify it. Let’s shape the future together! P.S. Here is one of the examples from the TechChill 2023 batch ⬇️

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