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Practical information 

Welcome to TechChill! As a valued attendee, we want to ensure you have all the insider information and tips to make the most out of your experience.


Where will TechChill take place?

Mark your calendars for TechChill's side-events on April 26, taking place at Fantadroms, followed by the main event on April 27-28 at Hanzas Perons.


Badge claim

If you have assigned your ticket, you can pick up your badge on:
April 26 @Fantadroms from 9am
April 27 @Hanzas Perons from 9am

April 28 @Hanzas Perons from 10am




If you're looking for centrally located hotels in Riga that are within walking distance of the main venue:

→ Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel
→ Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel
Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, Riga

Each hotel is located within a 15-20 minute walk from the main venue Hanzas Perons.


Getting around

Beware of airport taxi scams! Instead of risking paying exuberantly high fees, we recommend you:

→ Tuul: download the app for e-scooter and enjoy your ride. Discount code for TechChill attendees CHILLWITHTUUL - 20% 

→ Bolt: download the app, and you can get a ride by taxi or by scooter or you can upload your driving license and choose to drive yourself via Bolt Drive. All in one app.
 OXDrive: make your life simpler and more fun with Tesla car-sharing.
 Baltic Taxi: reliable and correct provider of high quality taxi services in Latvia. Book the ride via calling 8500.



Join the official side-event of TechChill for the best way to explore Riga with a 2-hour walking tour on April 26. Local tour guide Edgars Lielausis will show you the significant sites and share stories that shaped the city, followed by a refreshing Mežpils beer and browsing at Robert's Book. Don't miss out on this unique and memorable experience! Apply here


Breakfast spots&coffee

Looking for the best coffee and breakfast spots in Riga? Check out these amazing places:

Mr.Fox - Slow food served fast

Kalve – local specialty coffee roastery with an individual touch and freshly baked pastries.

Rocket bean – specialty coffee roastery where you can also read your morning mail.

Mīkla Bakery – you will find wonderful pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and great coffee.

Better bread – gluten-free bakery and specialty coffee shop.

Kūkotava – is a daily feast with cakes, pastries, and a great coffee.

Miit – coffee house with a wide variety of specialty coffee brands, vegan snacks, and an upbeat atmosphere.


More food & drinks


Space Falafel - Modern Israeli restaurant, bar & social club.

Manana - Taco Restaurant, delicious food & Amazing drinks.

Shoyu - Authentic Ramen.

Snatch - Shameless Italian restaurant. Creatively exploring regional Italian foods. 

Zivju Lete - Sea inspired caffee in the heart of Riga.



Paisums - Wine and Oyster Bar.

Manana - Taco Restaurant, delicious food & Amazing drinks.

Truff Le Pig - Champagne Bar, your local wine & champagne dealer.

AOK City - Restaurant & Bar


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Download the Joiner app NOW and scroll through TechChill side events! 

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