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Startup Expo

Looking to make a splash in the startup world? Look no further than Startup Expo! It's the ultimate opportunity to flaunt your product to potential investors, partners, customers, and media. Don't miss your chance to shine at TechChill's Startup Expo - BOOK YOUR SPOT now!


Startup Expo includes

→ 2,5m x 1.5m promo area at the Startup Expo;
→ Stand-up desk + two high chairs, extension cord;
→ Branded sign with your logo  (TechChill will provide united branding for every startup);
→ Two STARTUP passes to TechChill;
→ Wi-Fi & electricity;
→ Included in social media announcement;
→ Your startup logo on the TechChill website.


What you can do?

→ All things green and sustainable – reusable decorations, plants, etc.
→ Original & interactive ideas – think about the goal,  what do you want to achieve. And keep in mind, this is a Tech event.
→ You can bring your own displays, screens for the showcase. Or you can rent the screens from us.
What to avoid?
→ We do not allow single-use materials and decorations (no flyers, balloons, packaging); Instead, think of other creative ways to promote your startup.



Pricing and Dates


→ One day at the expo: 500 EUR + VAT/if applicable
→ Two days at the expo: 1000 EUR + VAT/if applicable
* 2 startup passes included for whole event

→ Showcase days: April 27 & 28
→ Showcase location: Main event venue – Hanzas Perons, Riga


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