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Experience the startup world -TechChill Student Challenge is BACK!

Calling all students: TechChill Students Challenge is back! This is your chance to learn directly from the startup world and earn a free pass to TechChill this April. Just complete three workshops - it’s that simple!

Application closed!

What’s the Students Challenge?

It’s a series of three sessions designed to give you a real look into the startup world. You’ll hear from successful founders, broaden your network, learn the essentials of building a startup, and get tips on effective pitching.

Here’s What to Expect:

Three workshops, three opportunities to learn:

1️⃣ March 6th: Networking & Insights from Startup Founders - Learn from those who’ve been there.

2️⃣ March 14th: Founder Discussion & Building Your Startup Idea.

3️⃣ March 21st: Pitching and Networking - How to Stand Out and Make New Connections.

You'll hear from experienced founders and industry experts, giving you a chance to see what the startup ecosystem and tech world are really about.

🎉 Complete the Challenge, Join TechChill 🎉

Stay committed through all three workshops and you’ll be at TechChill in April. This event is a great opportunity to hear from international experts, network, and maybe even meet future partners or employers.

The Rules:

✔ Application Deadline: February 26th, 2024.

✔ Individual Participation: One application per person.

✔ Who Can Apply: Students up to 26 years old with a valid Student ID, both full and part time students.

✔ Verification Needed: Proof of student status will be required in the first session and for the Student Pass.

✔ Non-Transferable Passes: Your pass, your opportunity.

✔ Your Privacy: We keep your application private, accessible only to our judges.

Catch THE FUN here:

Ready to learn from the best in the startup world? Join us at the TechChill Students Challenge 2024!

If you have any questions, please reach out to 💚

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