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Tips&tricks on survival in the startup world

TechChill is approaching quickly and we cannot wait to see new ideas come to life through making connections, exchanging experiences, and hearing about how our role models came to where they are today. To help you get inspired, we will be publishing a series of mini-interviews with wonderful women who have successfully entered the start-up ecosystem and are here to thrive and help others do the same.

Meet Solvita Kostjukova! She has 10+ years of experience in product R&D within Universities and Public companies. Solvita is a Technology transfer expert and key person for relationships with Industry decision-makers, the speaker at conferences. Since 2015 she is a co-founder and CEO of ALINA. ALINA's organoclay technology is an innovative and effective solution for improving the quality and sustainability of paint products.”By putting people's health first, we take responsibility not only for people but also for the environment.”

We sat down with Solvita for a quick chat on tips and tricks on survival in the startup world.

What are some of the key skills or qualities that you think are essential for success as an entrepreneur?

“Persistence in the face of setbacks and obstacles, adaptability to quickly adapt to changes in the market, customer needs, and technological advancements, networking to build relationships with potential customers, investors, and other entrepreneurs, and problem-solving to identify and solve issues that arise in their business, are all crucial for success as an entrepreneur.

Could you please share how you stay up-to-date on industry trends and new technologies that could impact your business?

“Chatting with AI and by attending conferences and events, reading industry publications, following thought leaders and influencers, joining industry associations, conducting market research, networking, and using advisory boards and mentors.”

You mentioned persistence in facing setbacks. Maybe you have any tips on how you stay motivated and focused on your business besides all the challenges?

“By keeping a clear vision WHY?, staying positive, seeking support, learning from mistakes, and staying very adaptable.”

Learning from mistakes. That’s a big one. Does any lesson you’ve gained in this journey come to mind that could help new entrepreneurs?

“It involves constant learning, growth, and staying curious. By embracing challenges and learning from failures (failure is an opportunity to learn and find the right path), focusing on the customer, building strong relationships, and staying organized and focused.”

That's some great lessons. As you mentioned staying organized, a follow-up question pops up that may interest a lot of our readers.

How to balance your personal life with the demands of running a startup?

“It’s very challenging but essential for long-term success. So: setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, delegating and outsourcing, using technology, communicating with loved ones, learning to say no, and taking time off really allows one to succeed with a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout. I still have experienced burnouts.”

Thank you for sharing that you are experiencing burnouts. I think a lot of people can relate to this. It’s okay. That's part of being human.

In conclusion, maybe there is something you want to add?

“Finding the perfect mentor for your startup is like discovering a shortcut on the path to success. They inspire you, guide you, and help you navigate impossible situations, saving you years of trial and error. With the right mentor by your side, you can go further than you ever imagined possible.”

Thank you Riga TechGirls

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