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When will you become a cyborg?

Recently Baltic countries have started to put themselves on the global map by coming up with more complicated technologies in such industries as deeptech and healthtech. Before it was more fintech, hardware, and robotics. So TechChill 2022 will bring on stage this trend. There will be local success stories as well as some impressive guests.

The first one that is definitely worth mentioning is Hannes Sjoblad. He is Managing Director at Dsruptive Subdermals – a company that successfully went through all clinical trials to be able to offer chip implants to anybody interested. Hannes will speak at TechChill on how tech is creating cyborgs and will try to answer the question of when will you become one. He will also bring with him several chip implants.

Hannes will also be part of the panel discussion about the importance of data in healthtech. Experts agree that only the accessibility of data makes innovations possible, but some links in healthcare are still missing. So let’s try to find a way how to restore those missing connections.

Another important topic in the context of health at this year’s TechChill is going to be mental health. We still see a lot of people struggling to find the right balance between mental and physical health and between work and life. Remote work changed the situation for the worse, so how do get back the right balance? Let’s discuss it.

See you at TechChill 27-29 April

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