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Community support fuels startup success, uniting for growth!

TechChill startup pitch competition Fifty Founders Battle is attracting a lot of attention this year as the prize pot, funded by startup founders and community organizations, currently stands at a substantial 10,000 EUR and continues to grow.

Marija Ručevska, Co-Founder at Helve says, “We at Helve believe in collective success. Leading by example and fostering a culture of giving back is of utmost importance for faster growth in the still largely unknown CEE market.”

The participating members including Longenesis, eazyBI, Lokalise, Gravity Team, Sellfy, Helve, Truesix, and Change Ventures, have demonstrated their belief in the future of the ecosystem by putting their money into the prize. This act showcases the strength and commitment of the TechChill community to support and promote the growth of startups.

Liva Pavasare from eazyBI says that they are happy to be a part of the Community that allows to convert innovative ideas into reality, “we know what it takes to become a successful player in the data analytics industry, and we want to support other new entrepreneurs to help fuel innovation and economic success in Baltics.”

Julia Gifford, Co-Founder at TrueSix says, “TechChill is our community, our founders are our racehorses. If we believe in our future, it follows that we should bet on our players. By contributing to the TechChill community pot, we’re betting on our community’s future, giving our founders more tools to propel themselves forward, and giving TechChill, the organization that lifts us all, more space to do what they do best – develop and implement community-serving programs. “

Fifty Founders Battle is more than just a competition. It’s a platform for the startup community to come together and support each other in their journey towards success. By contributing to the prize pot, the participating members have shown that they are invested in the success of not just their own businesses, but the entire ecosystem.

Apply for Fifty Founders Battle. Application deadline March 10th!

If you want to contribute to the prize pot please get in touch with and become Fifty Founders Battle winners’ supporter!

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