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TechChill for partners

Business Expo - stand out in the crowd

Join us at the Business Expo during TechChill! Secure your booth for the main event on February 6-7 at Hanzas Perons. With 2000+ attendees mingling around, it's the perfect way for your audience to find you. Showcase your brand, highlight innovation, and position your organization as a forward-thinking employer. Need help with booth design, creative solutions, or setup? We've got you covered! 

Key benefits:

  • Maximum visibility

  • Targeted audience engagement

  • Brand showcase

  • Networking opportunities

  • Lead generation

Side events - become a thought leader in your industry

Host your own side event at TechChill! On February 5th, when TechChill sweeps through Riga. 

We're sure you have ideas to engage your audience, and we're here to help from event concept creation to targeting your ideal audience. Join in now – it's not too late! Your audience is hungry for the wildest ideas, concepts, networking, and skill-building. Enjoy the benefits of becoming a thought leader in your industry and engaging with your target audience.

Key benefits:

  • Brand thought leadership

  • Tailored audience interaction

  • Unique engagement

  • Networking opportunities

  • Skill-building platform

Want to become a partner?

Reach out to  Let's build lasting business connections together!

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