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Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: The Key Skills & Qualities You Need

TechChill is almost here and we're excited to witness new ideas taking shape through networking, sharing experiences, and learning from accomplished women who have made it in the startup industry. To get you motivated, we'll be releasing a set of brief interviews with exceptional women who are eager to prosper and guide others to do the same.

Karin Nemec is an entrepreneur with the purpose of building a sustainable future. She stands by taking action, being innovative, and is accomplishing amazing things with her team. She is a Co-founder and CEO at Grünfin in Estonia.

Grünfin is a sustainable investing platform for those who care about the sustainable development of the planet. It offers smart and easy investing options so that you can earn market-based returns while contributing to a more sustainable future. With Grünfin, you can make a real difference while reaching your financial goals.

What are some of the key skills or qualities that you think are essential for success as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are people who recognize problems as opportunities and seek innovative solutions. They have the perseverance to overcome difficulties and the drive to stay focused and motivated. They are adept at getting things done swiftly and have the capacity to learn quickly.

To be successful in tech startups, you must be ten times faster and better than the competition.

How do you stay motivated and focused when faced with setbacks or challenges in your business?

The purpose and the amazing team around me motivate and inspire me. I often remind myself of the "why" behind the venture and our mission of Grünfin to create a better world and contribute to a sustainable future.

Climate change is a pressing issue that needs immediate attention and bold action to prevent irreversible damage. With Grünfin, we are creating an innovative and values-driven investment platform that allows everyone to invest with greater impact while still earning market-based returns. This is our way of helping to ensure a livable planet for all.

What have been some of the biggest lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

Importance of taking action, learning, and failing fast. Listen to the customers and create feedback loops that help to assess if the team is on track.

How do you balance your personal life with the demands of running a startup?

I struggle with this a lot like most of the founders. I have divided my day into time slots and then try to be focused and act lightspeed at work In my free time I try to remind myself not to multi-task and be fully present. I’m taking regularly time for self-reflection to put my life into perspective so that it would be consciously and well lived.

How do you stay up-to-date on industry trends and new technologies that could impact your business?

Following the news and talking to smart people. I also enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m out. Learning new things is the best way to expand our view of the world. I also love to read and try to make it a habit to read at least 15 minutes a day. It adds up to 20-30 books a year.

What would be one piece of advice for our readers?

Purpose and a great team gives grit and resilience. Thank you Riga TechGirls

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