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Amazing stories to share

TechChill has always been and is about the community where the leading role is taken by startups. This year’s event is not an exception – you will find useful learnings no matter whether you’re a first-time founder or a serial entrepreneur.

TechChill will have some truly amazing stories to share this year. The one that is worth mentioning is by Ahana Banerjee. She is the co-founder and CEO of Clear. Having been accepted to Y Combinator during the final year of her Physics degree at Imperial College London, Ahana decided to turn down her graduate jobs in finance, leave her degree, and work to innovate in the skincare space with her startup, Clear. It is an integrated social commerce app for skincare. Ahana wrote the code for Clear herself, bootstrapped to 6,000+ users, raised an $800k pre-seed, and now manages a global team of 6 people.

The other one that is worth bringing out will be shared by Ayaz Karimov, the co-founder of Inskillz. Ayaz is a doctoral researcher at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. As a part of the HUMBLE (Human and Machine based Intelligence in Learning) research group, he investigates gamification and learning analytics. Ayaz is also the co-founder of Inskillz, a community that supports game-based learning in various areas, and creates educational board games on different topics, starting from gender equality and ending with very niche games for product managers, marketers, UX/UI designers, etc.

The local startup scene is going to be represented by Dainis Krūze, CEO of Aerones. It is a startup that offers wind turbine generator blade maintenance, inspections, and repairs using robotic technology to save costs, reduce downtime and increase annual energy production. Dainis will share his art of developing and scaling the hardware.

Lets meet them all at TechChill! Don’t forget to grab your pass –

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