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Fifty Founders Battle


Listen up, startups! It’s time to take the stage and bring your A-game to a competition that could land you 10,000 EUR in your pocket, no strings attached!


And that’s not all, because the winners could also receive up to 350,000 EUR in investment from, DEPO Ventures, and Buildit. You’ll also get the chance to showcase your business to an audience of international investors who are hungry for the next big thing. So what are you waiting for?

Application closed!


Your chance for a spotlight

Fifty Founders Battle is TechChill’s annual pitch competition for early-stage startups. Fifty of the most promising startups from across the Baltics, Nordics, Central and Western European regions as well as the rest of the world will be selected among all participants. Each semi-finalist will then have the opportunity to present their business idea on TechChill’s stage in front of over 200 investors and other attendees.

How we pick the lucky 50

All eligible applications will be evaluated by VCs, accelerators, angel investors, and industry experts. In the first phase, the evaluators will focus on the business idea, its scalability, the team behind it, and the overall quality of the application.
The fifty companies with the highest average scores will receive a confirmation. So.. channel your inner Jason Bourne and stay alert.

You should know these dates

Top 50 announced: March 29
Pitch Bootcamp online: April 11-14
Pitch Bootcamp onsite: April 26
Semi-Finals: April 27
Final showdown: 28 April

  Got Qs?

Still unclear about something? Feel free to reach out to Laila

Who can apply

 Stage & Previous funding

Your startup has not received more than 300k EUR in exchange for equity. Grants are fine. Most likely, the company is not older than 3 years, but there could be exceptions.

Marketplaces, deeptech, and anything between

The 2023 competition is sector-agnostic. What it means in practice is that the applications are open to everyone regardless of their represented industry. The fifty best startups will then be split into five groups which make the most sense.

No country restrictions, but...

You’re welcome to apply regardless of where you are based. We usually get applications from more than 30 countries.
HOWEVER, you must be able to join the event in-person so you can pitch live.
We don’t accept applications from Russia and Belarus.

10 000 EUR, no strings attached

…or maybe more? Win a community prize pot of a minimum of 10,000 EUR, no strings attached. Kudos to Longenesis, eazyBI, Gravity team, Lokalise, Sellfy, Helve, TrueSix and Change Ventures


#communitypower! So many things you can do with it:
🍾 team workation
🚀 buy a snowmobile or a 4 wheeler
📚 buy around 1000 of books

Syndicated investment up to 150,000 EUR from

Here’s more – a chance for a syndicated investment of up to 150,000 EUR from BADideas fund.

All Fifty Founders Battle companies looking for investment will be evaluated by team who are on the lookout for the next supposedly “bad idea” that will rock the industry and grow to be a major disruptor! 

Prize pool

150k EUR investment from DEPO Ventures

The stakes just got higher in the Fifty Founders Battle competition!

150K EUR investment from DEPO Ventures!

DEPO Ventures is on a mission to support technologies that shape society’s future.

50k EUR investment from Buildit

Gain an edge over your competitors by landing a 50k EUR pre-seed investment from Buildit.

Buildit is an accelerator that helps hardware and IoT startups to become investable. With “investable” we mean – turning an idea into a tangible, market-worthy product and being able to raise hundreds of thousands and more as the investment.

Draper University Hero Program tuition

Three finalists will receive a full tuition for Hero Training, an intensive, immersive five-week entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, CA. Their amazing alumni from 100+ countries have raised $450M+ in investment, have created 5000+ jobs and most importantly, have built a life-long bond with their fellow DraperU heroes.

...and more

This is it for now but by the time the competition arrives, expect the list to be much longer. Some things you can expect:
💰 A zero-rate Open Banking service Noda for 1 year for Top 5 Fifty Founders Battle finalists, all the rest finalists will receive service for 6 months;
💰 .Cocoon Program prizes for 3 growth-oriented startup teams;
💰 Sorainen (An international business law firm) 5K worth legal hours
💰 Sharpist - 1 year Founder Coaching! You will receive 1 year of 1:1 coaching with your own Executive Coach through Sharpist for Startups.
💰 Fibery (work'n'knowledge hub for your startup)- Winners get three 3x1-hour mentoring sessions on their chosen topics.
💰Credits from Google Cloud.
💰 Exposure on stage in front of 200+ international investors, media and 2K+ attendees;
💰 Media and social media exposure.

Up to 250K investment opportunity from Look AI Ventures

Attention AI startups: Investment opportunity for the most disruptive AI solution!
Look AI Ventures
 is on the lookout for an AI startup ready to shake up the industry! Pitch directly in front of their investment board committee with the opportunity to secure €50-250K in funding and bypass the standard evaluation process.

Cool prizes from We Make Future

FIRST PRIZE: desk in the Startup District + access to the B2B & networking activities + pitch on the Startup Stage in Rimini, Italy
SECOND PRIZE: desk in the Startup District + access to B2B & networking activities at the WMF in Rimini, Italy
THIRD PRIZE: access to networking activities at the WMF in Rimini, Italy.


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