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TechChill has always been and is about the community where the leading role is taken by startups. Th

There should be balance and diversity. This is what we are going to discuss at TechChill, of course. But we will focus also on women in tech stories. And the newest trends of programming without coding.

The one speaker that we should emphasize is Daniella Lorenzo Rhodes. She is a CTO of Toqio. It is a SaaS fintech platform that enable any business, not just banks, to create game changing, data driven, finance propositions that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it. Daniella is a founding member and will share her story how easy or hard it is for a woman to be a CTO.

But how much of involvement from people with technical background will we need in the future? No code and no design trends are becoming more popular. It means that platforms exist that can understand what design you want to create or what element of the code is required. And voila – here it is! Very convenient way how to develop your project. The only thing we tend to forget in this context is safety and encryption that is a must. So how will this trend evolve? Make sure not to miss topics focused on Product & Engineering.

Oh, in case you missed

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