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Unleashing Entrepreneurial Success through Business Development, Innovation, and Marketing

Introducing Inbal Rahav. She is a master of balancing three elements - business development, innovation and marketing. That's the power to create great business growth.

She is a Partner of Two Dots - International business strategy consulting firm working with industry experts to empower startups and make them investable, bring them to the negotiation table and get them to the finish line. Worked over the years with +400 early stage startups, conducting workshops, strategic mentoring sessions and business games.

We had an opportunity to ask Inbal questions to help our readers to start their entrepreneurial journey.

What are some of the key skills or qualities that You think are essential for success as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a long term game, not a quick win, so you should be highly self-driven. You should try to embrace failure because it is a huge part of this journey, so after each failure, get back up and try again from a different angle. Make quick pivots and persevere.

You mentioned embracing failure. How do You stay motivated and focused when faced with setbacks or challenges in your business?

Focusing on working together in order to support each other's projects and journey through entrepreneurship. We believe that 1+1=3. We like it, and our clients get x3 the value - so it's a win win.

And what have been some of the biggest lessons You've learned as an entrepreneur?

We have to be client-obsessed, it's not our product being pushed to the client, we are co-creating all of our KPIs and delivery together with the client, unlike many other consulting firms, we are highly flexible and agile for constant changes.

How do You balance your personal life with the demands of running a startup?

Love juggling, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to manage a full global activity, kids, birthday productions, and community involvement.

A juggler never leaves a ball unattended. So for example at Two dots we have a quick response time (some will say- speed of light response time) - our response time average is 5 minutes, so we have a very low backlog, which lets us take the time off when we need it.

While juggling life, do You have time to keep up-to-date on industry trends?

At Two Dots we are working with 13+ expert consultants, and our knowledge and collective experience in 5 different countries and sectors keeps us ahead.

As a personal initiative, I am running an innovation circle within a global female leaders community (The Female Factor), where I lecture every couple of months on a different topic in the ecosystem, so I read a lot and keep up with the latest developments.

Thank You for such insightful and informative conversation. Any advice for our readers before we say goodbye?

Get rid of your imposter syndrome, believe in yourself and your abilities, there is a reason why you choose to do what you do.

And always remember- feet on the ground, eyes on the sky!

Thank you Riga TechGirls

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